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Getting Started

Account Administration & Setup


At any time, hover over the “Welcome” box in the upper right and choose ADMINISTRATION.
In Administration, you can:
► Edit Company Info
► Add/Edit Pagers and Transmitters
► Add/Edit Departments
► Add/Edit Preset Messages
► Add/Edit Users and Passwords
► View Reports

Account Information
Add a Company Logo or modify Account owner information (admin privileges required).

Pagers – (if applicable)
► Add pager numbers as either Alphanumeric (full text) or Vibe/Numeric (no display) pagers.
► Add “static” IP addresses of ISTATION transmitters. Messages are sent via internal network to one or multiple transmitters. Multiple addresses should be added in separated by commas.

Each list for waiting or staff is considered a “Department.”
► Input Department Name and select icon if desired.
► Assign Minimum and Maximum thresholds.
► Thresholds determine when the record changes color on the waitlist.
► Click + to add. Once all Departments are added, their position can be adjusted by clicking on Edit.

Administrators can import a .CSV or .XLS file that includes the day’s records. All imported records will show up as NOT ARRIVED on the Waitlist. Samples are available for download to ensure proper mapping.

There are two different types of Pre-Set Messages available;

1) The Welcome Message and 2) The Pre-Set messages for the Waitlist and Staff.

The Welcome Message is sent whenever a mobile phone is added to a Waitlist. Edit the field inside the phone to craft your specific message – 60 character limit.

Leaving it blank or toggling the green switch will turn off the Welcome Message feature.

Pre-Set Messages are messages that users can choose from to page on the Waitlist or Staff screens.

To setup, select a Department from the list on top; add message(s) by Department and by List type. Waitlist are in the top table, Staff messages are in the lower table.
► Edit messages at any time by highlighting the message and making the necessary changes.
► Messages cannot contain special characters (e.g. *@%?<>;). Periods and commas are permitted

Users are defined as the login credentials anyone will utilize when accessing the system. Users are not all staff members who may be paged, that is handled on the Staff list outside of Admin.
► Login names can be specific to a person or generic for multiple users like Greeter or Nurse.
► Add Users by completing each of the boxes at the bottom of the screen, passwords are case sensitive.
► For each username, highlight the name and assign the departments they will have access to.

Multiple reports are available for research or a deeper look at the daily operation.

Exit Admin – Set up is complete

PDF Version: SmartCall Messenger Quick Setup



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